We got 3 medals in the RIO Olympics ! Yipeee,Wohooooooo !!

That is the mindset of most people in India. A Silver by P.V. Sindhu who fought hard in the finals and a bronze by Sakshi Malik who won the bronze medal match in the last second ! You might be wondering what the 3rd medal was; I will come to it later.

Now my question to you is, how come India , being the 2nd most populated in the world got only 2 medals whereas U.S.A having 1/4th of India’s population, got 121 i.e. almost 61 times the number of medals India got !

What is going wrong in our country? Why can’t we get more medals than other countries ? North Korea too, which has 2% of India’s population got more medals than India !!I feel there are several things going wrong. Clearly India does have a huge potential in Sports. But the problem here is deep rooted.

Firstly I feel, in India the No-1 priority for most parents is too see their offspring’s get good grades, top in class, exams; thereafter secure a seat in a prestigious college and finally do a job with a high pay scale ! So if a child wants to take up a sport seriously, it is very likely that he will have to give it up soon. The Mentality has to change!

Secondly there is a reason why parents discourage children from taking up sports as a career. Even though there are so many sports enthusiasts, very few of them reach the professional level. Lack of proper coaches, resources, less pay as a sportsperson and sports enthusiasts not being able to afford training are one of the primary reasons. There were many events in the Olympics where India didn’t even compete !

Lastly I feel there is no encouragement from the government and sports organization to train and compete for a sport. There should be more trials and selections. Training Camps should be held regularly in preferably most cities in India. Moreover, sportspersons should be given more perks and incentives so that sports as a career is more lucrative than it is today.

By the way the 3rd medal goes to our respectable sports minister Shri Vijay Goel  who was more bothered in taking selfies with the medal winners instead ensuring that the needs of all sportsmen there are taken care of. OP Jaisha, for instance did not get water during her marathon. Many sportsmen were not given proper living accommodation . Shri Vijay Goel also referred to our silver and bronze medalists as gold medalists ! This shows how knowledgeable he is about sports.

Several issues like these are a big obstruction to Indian Sports.


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