World War III

“Blood and water can’t flow together”. This statement was made by Prime Minister Modi a few days ago after the Uri attacks. The river Indus is one of the longest rivers of the world with a length of 3,060 km. It flows from from Tibet, into Jammu and Kashmir in India and thereafter into Pakistan.

India recently reviewed the Indus Water Treaty and planned to use the treaty more to our advantage.80% of Pakistan’s 21.5 million hectares of farmland is irrigated from this river and the canals built from the river. So, any change in  the flow or not allowing this water to flow into Pakistan will unleash havoc in Pakistan.

During the Uri attacks armed militants entered an Indian army base in the town Uri and killed 18 of our soldiers. The Uri attack left the whole world dumbfounded and many countries supported India. America who gave money and resources to Pakistan for eradicating terrorists, recently realized that, the money and resources actually went to the terrorists themselves. There is a petition now filed in the white house to declare Pakistan as a Terror state.

Recently India gave a stunning counter reply to Pakistan by carrying out surgical strikes on the terror camps in Pakistan. We managed to kill 38 terrorists across the line of control.

But the Question is why is Pakistan supporting terrorism ?

With the chain of events over the decades, it looks like Pakistan’s main objective is to harass India and capture Kashmir. So they adopted  terrorism to achieve their goal. Metaphorically Pakistan basically fed their dogs  thinking that they will protect Pakistan from outsiders and prove their might.Looking at it from another angle they forgot that there may be a day when the dogs might bite its own master. This is exactly what is happening in Pakistan. The terrorists are so used to receiving support from Pakistan that if Pakistan one fine day decides to stop sponsoring terror, the terrorists might blackmail the government of Pakistan itself. The following map of Pakistan shows the number of terror attacks in Pakistan itself…so terrorists are not only a problem for the world but Pakistan too !


If it goes on like this, the initially attacks across the border may lead to a war type scenario between India and Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that though Pakistan may be trying to eliminate terror and maintain peace but the terrorists will force Pakistan into a war type situation to move towards their goals. Pakistan has literally dug its own grave. Terrorists have absolutely taken control over the state and therefore most of the Pakistanis migrate to other countries. Muslims are not bad and Pakistanis are not bad.

All Pakistanis are not terrorists. It’s just that Pakistan needs to take support of other countries to finish terror in the state and stop funding terror.

The World War III is actually a war against terrorism and not Pakistan which should be clear  !


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