Online Shopping

imagesWhether it be fruits and vegetables or any electronic item, online shopping is preferred across many homes and will be the most preferred in the coming years for sure.

Living in a world where everyone is so busy doing something or the other, most of the people especially of the newer generation(including me) suffer from a disease named laziness. We have heard of the famous saying ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’. So according to me laziness is actually not a disease in this case. It generates a necessity to be able to shop online and to get the goods delivered at home ! So obviously that’s how online shopping was invented !

Online shopping basically is a form of E-Commerce which allows anyone to buy goods online. Well in many cases online shopping is more convenient than physically going to a shop and buying stuff. Well this is because to go to a shop, one needs fuel(which costs money),one needs to have to energy to go to a shop and even after one reaches the shop he might find out that the same product is cheaper on the online shopping websites ! Shops require a large cost for running which online shopping sites do not.Shops are mostly taken on rent and things like AC’s  increase the cost of running a shops.

Online shopping is a luxury for customers. One might think its really bad for the shopkeepers in the markets. But, that is a fallacy since the smart shopkeepers have started selling their goods online too ! Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Snapdeal, BigBasket & HealthKart are some of the known online shopping websites in India. In total there are supposed to be 25 million sites across the world ! In India there are approximately 40 million online shoppers already and I am sure this will increase significantly.It is so convenient for elders too to order stuff online and pay using cash on delivery or by paying online.Most of the sites do charge extra for shipping but that’s hardly anything.

I shall now come to the challenges online shopping faces. One of the problems that online sites face is that they cannot sell products which are either too expensive or are big in size.For instance its really tough for someone to buy a car online, since a car is something which one needs to try and see it physically to be sure of making such a large investment.Also one cannot ensure that a product is of good quality and the seller is reliable till few ratings come up. Another challenge is that food products are preferred not be be bought online since most of the times one needs the food product within a few hours which is a time limit which cannot be possibly met by online sites.

So, though there are a few challenges, I feel, online sites will be the primary source of buying in the future !


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