Diwali: The Festival of Lights ?


Let us discuss about Diwali: The Festival of Lights Pollution ! 

The run-up to Diwali is so very exciting…planning gifts for relatives and friends,receiving gifts,meeting up,planning of lights for inside and outside the house and finally illumination of the whole environment around us.

Sadly,the excitement dies down the next day. When you wake up to a dense smog laden with high level of pollutants,thanks to the burning of fire crackers. The haze is so dense that it is tough to see the tower in front of you.You can’t even see the lights you appreciated the day before. All of a sudden you find it difficult to breathe.

The question I ask you is-Is it necessary to burn fire crackers to celebrate Diwali ? There are better things to look forward to like meeting family and friends, making Rangoli’s, doing Lakshmi Puja, lighting diyas and decorating your house with lights to get a feel of the true essence of Diwali.Many people don’t even know why Diwali is celebrated and equate it to a festival of burning of crackers.


A day after Diwali,in places like Anand Vihar in New Delhi,the concentrations of Particulate Matter or PM 10 is over 1,200 micro grams per cubic metre  compared to a safe level of 100. This pollution gives rise to many diseases like lung cancer,asthma,etc. Many people thus resort to wearing air pollution masks. There are people who make sure that they aren’t at home during and a few days after Diwali.

I wont say there is lack of awareness to stop burning crackers. It is the mentality of the people which needs to change. The whole idea of celebrating Diwali by burning money and crackers needs to change. There should be a ban on the bursting of crackers during Diwali or at least a ban on the crackers that cause a lot of pollution.